I use Boss Logo services for my business cards and I must tell you that I am very pleased with the quality of cards, their prompt and professional service and their trade promotions giving me the leverage I need to win more jobs! 

Best regards,


My customers demand speed.  I am happy knowing I can count on the dates I am given, the pricing I have and the advice I receive from the experienced team at Boss.  Plus, with the shortage of stocks in the market I know I can rely on them to print my job all under one roof with the material my customer wants.

Keep it up!



Thank you again for taking care of my account.  As you know, my customers are extremely happy with your work and that means a lot with the high competition in print especially right now.  I appreciate you responding at night when i do most of my work and helping me get those four big jobs while other printers sleeping.  You are a great partner.